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Welcome ....  
We at Harbor Lights Animal Hospital would like to welcome you to this beautiful area.  If you are new to the Oregon Coast, you might be interested in learning about some of the problems unique to this area.  Fleas, ticks, salmon disease, slug bait poisoning and porcupine interactions are some of the problems that can affect your pet.

Making fleas flee :   
Fleas love this mild climate and your pets.  Thank goodness there are some terrific flea control products on the market, namely, Advantage, Frontline, and Revolution.  Beware of the cheap knock-offs, some of these are very toxic, especially to cats.

Salmon Disease :   
This disease is unique to the Pacific Northwest.  Four to fourteen days after eating uncooked salmon, trout or steelhead, dogs may develop symptoms of fever and depression that can progress to vomiting and/or diarrhea.  The symptoms may be very subtile, but death can occur.  If treated early enough, this disease can be cured.

Slug & Snail Bait :  
Slugs are a common garden pests in this moist climate.  Poisons used to control these pests are often tasty to dogs and cats.  Clincal signs of toxicity include incoordination, muscle tremors and seizures.  Prompt treatment may save your pet's life.

Romping on the Beach :  
The beach is a wonderful playground for all of us, but it is always best to keep a close eye on your pet.Rocks and logs are a hazard for pets and people.  Not all dogs are good swimmers, and even the best swimmers become hypothemic quickly in the cool waters of the Pacific.  Also, be aware that beaches are often full of decaying matter that can make your pet sick.  ATVs and other loose dogs may also present a hazard to you and your pet.

Heartworm Disease :
We recommend that your dog be placed on heartworm preventative year-round.  Our reasoning for this is two fold.  First, it is more economical to have your pet on prevention than to treat heartworm disese once.  Second, many people travel into areas with heartworms for the weekend or vacations, and it only takes one mosquito to transmit this damaging disease.

On a personal note, we at Harbor Lights Animal Hospital understand that you want the best for your pet.  We also understand that medical care is expensive and getting more expensive every day.  There are several easy, inexpensive things that you can do to keep your pet healthy.  The leash or confinement is the cheapest method of preventing accidents with cars.  The open back of a pick-up truck is a dangerous place for any living creature, especially one without opposable thumbs.  Vaccination is always less expensive than disease treatment.  The early physical exam is priceless in checking the health of your pet.